Our Difference

You. All of you. With you.

Science is now telling us what many eastern traditions have known all along, our body and mind are very much connected!  Finding your rhythm involves effectively tuning into both.  Science also continues to confirm that our brains are shaped (quite literally) by what we pay attention to and what we do.  Finding your rhythm therefore also requires an understanding of what is capturing our attention and why. 

With this in mind (boom boom), we are keen to get to know all of you, up and down, inside and out.  By seeking to understand you, we can tailor our treatment approach and help you REALLY do you.

Top Down

To Think Better.

Working with our thoughts, beliefs, memories, perceptions, language, internal narratives, worries and self-talk.

Bottom Up

To Function Better.

Improving our physiological and biological wellbeing including our nervous system, digestion, gut health, hormones, breathing, heart rate variability and the immune system.